Friday, March 4, 2011

4 Storage Tips

When you're confined to a small living space finding room for your stuff can be a challenge. Achieving that delicate balance, that I-have-a-lot-of-stuff-but-my-apartment-still-looks-fabulous-and-not-cluttered ratio, takes some creativity. Here are 4 tips for storage:

1. Tall and skinny shelving
To optimize wall space, select shelves that have a taller frame. Also look for shelving pieces that are lightweight-looking with skinny frames. A more streamlined piece will fit just right in your small living quarters; get too bulky of a shelf and it will become the elephant in the room - literally. The room will become overwhelmed it its size and the space will feel smaller.

2. Cubes
I love my cube shelving. You have the option of having fun-colored drawers or going sans drawers to display items or store books. The shelves are easy to carry, and by grouping cubes together, you can create a custom-sized shelf unit. They are especially handy if you have a studio apartment; a half-wall of cubes is a great way to set off a private spot for your bed while still giving the space an open feel.

3. Under-bed storage
Were you one of those kids that just shoved your mess under your bed and called your room clean? You may have been on to something ... Check out beds that substitute storage drawers for a box spring. If you don't mind having your bed higher than normal, you could also find a frame that allows lofting and place shelving underneath. Another never-fail idea is to buy long and shallow plastic storage containers that can just slide under your bed frame. With a duster or extra-long comforter, you're guests will never know they're there!

4. Utilize all your closet space
Let's face it: women have a lot of clothes. And shoes. And handbags. Store them right with a few closet add-ons. Add an extra bar, which will be perfect for shirts, halfway between the floor and the top bar. Add shoe or purse shelving on the closet floor to keep your accessories organized. A closet door shoe organizer is also a great piece - whether it's for shoes or other items like hairbrushes.

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