Friday, February 25, 2011

7 tips for decorating walls without paint

While spicing up apartment walls with paint is a great way to add color, many young apartment residents are renting - myself included - and aren't allowed to apply Dutch Boy to the walls. Don't fear! There are other ways of snazzing up otherwise drab surfaces. Here's my top 7:

1. Try sticking up a couple of interesting mirrors on the wall. They add visual interest as well as reflect the interior of the room, making the space appear larger.

2. Create a photo wall. Print out some of your favorite photos and place them in different sized (yet complementary) frames. Then attach the frames to the wall, varying spacing and orientation. Instead of photos, you could also frame dried flowers, posters, or patterned paper or fabric.

3. Attach a piece of fabric or a curtain to the wall. This option allows you to add fun patterns to your apartment and can be easily switched out with other pieces of fabric or curtains.

4. Get natural. Adding varying heights and colors of plants and flowers to your apartment will give it a more nature-like feel and add instant color. Also, play up your windows. Arrange your furniture so your natural light source is the focal point. With plenty of sunlight and foliage, you'll hardly notice a couple of bare walls.

5. Put up stick-on wall art. You can find various shapes and patterns of stick-ons that let you personalize a wall while you're living there - and let you remove it hassle-free when you move.

6. Buy a screen. Screens come in a variety of colors and patterns and can add interest to any room. They're functional too. If you live in a studio apartment, they can be used section off a private area for your bed.
7. Add some interesting shelves. No one ever said you can't hammer some nails into the wall. Pick up funky shelving that will add appeal to your walls and will allow you to store items too.

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