Friday, February 11, 2011

Let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Laura, and you could say I'm in an awkward interior design stage. A stage called college. I went from my bright and sunny, green-accent-walled bedroom at home to a dark, bunker-like dorm room that had a view of - wait for it - a cement wall. An egress window with a grate over it, folks. Lovely.

Now in my junior year, I'm out of the dorms (thank God) and into an apartment - ish. It's fully furnished, and while it's nice, it also has a cold, industrial feel: hotel meets apartment. Next year, I've committed myself to having a real apartment. My own furniture, my own style.

Now while I plan on still having a poster or two (I love my black-and-white European photo posters), gone will be all the command strip hooks that hold up nearly everything on my walls. Because I'll finally be in a place that actually allows an old fashioned hammer and nail. A big step forward I know. Another line of growth on the door jam.

I'm a 21-year-old with specific vision interior design vision in mind but on a college student's budget. I'd like to say that my apartment design will be, in fashion terms, that area between business formal and graphic tees and sneakers combo: i.e. hip, yet sophisticated. I believe I can create a chic and fabulous apartment no matter my lack of funds. I'm ready for this journey. It won't begin for a few months yet. But I'm looking forward to planning out my apartment ahead of time. I hope you'll join me. Get ready for fun DIY projects, awesome decor accents, and some occasionally witty lines by yours truly.


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